We make
retail stores autonomous.

Our AAA promise

We have designed our system to be Accurate, Affordable and Autonomous with results that speak for themselves.
*Results based on typical shopping behavior

We are trusted by some of the world's largest retailers in countries like US, UK, Germany, Australia, China and Brazil. A select few are displayed below



accuracy within
3 months of operation



to achieve ROI



seconds spent
in checkout lines

320 sq.ft

Interior: 300 sq.ft
Exterior: 320 sq.ft

Height: 8 ft
SKUs: upto 600

460 sq.ft

Interior: 435 sq.ft
Exterior: 460 sq.ft

Height: 8 ft
SKUs: upto 900

600 sq.ft

Interior: 570 sq.ft
Exterior: 600 sq.ft

Height: 8 ft
SKUs: upto 1200
Loop Neighbourhood
Albert Heijn

Our Products.

Automate your store

With OASIS, our patented system to build and operate automated stores. It includes everything you need to automate your store from the ground up, integrating directly into your systems.

Ideal for:

  • Automating an existing store
  • Building a new automated store
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Deploy a NanoStore®

The NanoStore® is a complete solution in a box - a fully automated, container sized, checkout free store. It is shipped directly and ready to deploy. Deploy just one store or an entire fleet in only a few days.

Ideal for:

  • Quick deployments in confined spaces
  • Running a hassle free POC
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Case Studies

AiFi has worked with some of the largest retailers across the world, using our products to automate stores of various sizes. A few of our public collaborations can be found below.

Eliminating lines to enable employees to make the most of their lunch break.

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Large retrofitted convenience stores serving busy residential areas

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Serving local communities by deploying always open autonomous stores through the city.

“What does shopping mean to you? How can we make the shopping experience for our customers even easier? [...] We have together with AiFi and ING, developed our first digital shop with ease of customer as a starting point. Portable, always open and digital.”

Marit van Egmond
CEO Albert Heijn

Enabling 24/7 access to essentials on every neighborhood corner.

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Simplifying deployment by building a one-of-a-kind fully automated container size store.

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Saving time by powering convenience stores in highly trafficed areas of train stations and universities.

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Powering a checkout free experience in densely packed stores

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Automating the
world's stores.



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Powering a checkout free experience in densely packed stores

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