Loop is an all-in-one convenience store and marketplace. The first Loop store opened in Santa Clara in June 2013 and has now expanded to over 20 stores throughout NorCal.

AiFi has partnered with Loop to build the only fully autonomous gas station store in the world, a Loop Neighborhood Store located adjacent to a Shell Gas Station in Silicon Valley (in Campbell, California)

The store provides 24/7 convenience with fast walk in/walk out customer experience, based on AiFi’s Nanostore template

The Loop Neighborhood Store is part of a 150-plus store chain of Northern California convenience-type stores typically associated with a gas station. The Loop stores are very appealing and feature a range of fresh foods and healthy options which make it distinct from other snack-heavy gas station stores. AiFi and Loop plan to open more gas station Nanostores in the coming months, as well as deploying AiFi technology to larger format.

  • Client
  • Location
    Campbell, California
  • SKUs
  • Size
    1500 sq.ft

“The fast, frictionless process is delightful and helps customers get what they need to move on with their day. We’re thrilled to be introducing this new approach to our customers and working with AiFi to make that happen.”

Varish Goyal
President, Loop Neighborhood
Ⓒ 2020 AiFi Inc.