The world’s first plug-and-play, unstaffed, 24/7, checkout-free retail format for convenience-type store operations which can be branded by any retailer.

To demonstrate our Autonomous Store Platform, AiFi developed the NanoStore - a tiny footprint, all-in-one, automated store of the future.

Designed for any retailer, the only modular, fully-automatic store integrates AiFi’s in-store sensor fusion and AI technology; delivers real-time analytics and fast, fun, staff-free shopping experience.

With the NanoStore, AiFi provides retailers the opportunity to expand their lines of business with a pattern for a very small (starting at 160-square-foot) modular store which can fit almost anywhere, such as in parking lots, college campuses, inside a shopping center, train station or airport, or wedged between buildings in a city. Because it is designed as a compact, always-open convenience-type store which can be easily modified and branded, shoppers can enjoy a customized experience that is nearby, easy and has all the essentials. Customers in the NanoStore can simply swipe a credit card or tap an app, select their items and walk out without the need for the retailer to have any onsite personnel to complete transactions. Receipts are generated in almost real-time, so shoppers can review their itemized receipt as they walk out. The entire shopping journey can be completed in seconds.

NanoStores can be deployed at public transit hubs, museums, offices, airport retail kiosks, apartments, farmer's markets and elsewhere.

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“AiFi’s NanoStores will change retail forever. Our technology and the NanoStore format will empower retailers to build and brand customized, automated stores that have a small footprint and deploy them anywhere.”

Steve Gu
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