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AiFi's CEO and co-founder, Steve Gu, is recognized as the Top 50 Artificial Intelligence CEO
Steve Gu, AiFi's co-founder and CEO, receives the honor of Top 50 Artificial Intelligence CEO. He has been leading AiFi to show significant promise in AI, to gain incredible business traction, and to use the positive impact of the technology to better peoples' lives.
Ying Zheng, AiFi's co-founder and CTO, is nominated for VentureBeat's AI Entrepreneurs
Ying Zheng, AiFi's co-founder and CTO, is nominated for VentureBeat's AI Entrepreneurs and recognized as the Top 6 finalist. Ying has been trailblazing AI innovations and leading by example. A true inspiration for the AiFi team and beyond!
Autonomous Store Checkout Systems On Fast Track
AiFi is on track to deploy 330 new and retrofitted autonomous stores by the end of 2021. Today, AiFi’s OASIS, the Orchestrated Autonomous Store Infrastructure and Services, is already powering 10 futuristic stores in a variety of sizes in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and San Antonio in the U.S., in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Paris, and Poznan in Europe and in the city of Shanghai in Asia.
AiFi publishes the first autonomous store dataset
We hosted the world's first AutoCheckout competition along with professors from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Stanford University and University of California Merced
CBInsights names AiFi to AI 100
CBInsights recognizes AiFi as the pioneer revolutionizing the retail industry for the second straight year.
First autonomous store in Asia
We automated a convenience store on a busy residential street in Shanghai
First gas station autonomous store in California
Loop neighborhood, a convenience store chain in California, fell in love with our NanoStore
Travelers love the frictionless shopping experience
An excited traveler said: "it automatically recognizes what you pick up. That’s a miracle!"
AiFi is CNBC Upstart 100 Honoree
CNBC called us the next generation of venture capital bets based on scalability and sales growth.
We gave Fortune a sneak peak
Jonathan Vanian stopped by the store in California to see how good we are. Later, he wrote an article saying that "Amazon Go’s Cashierless Stores Have a New Rival"
AiFi Research Team Won Best Demo Award at ACM BuildSys’19
Led by Joao Falcao, AiFi's VP of Engineering, and Carlos Ruiz, AiFi's Director of New Technology, AiFi's demo of Autonomous Inventory Monitoring for cashier-less stores won the Best Demo Award at ACM BuildSys’19, Conference on Systems for Energy-Efficient Buildings, Cities and Transportation, hosted by Columbia University.
First Store with Albert Heijn opens at Schiphol Airport
Schiphol is the world's fifth busiest international airport. Everyday, 85000 travelers pass this store before they fly to 319 destinations.
Albert Heijn chooses AiFi as partner
Alber Heijn is the largest and most famous Dutch supermarket chain.
I Am AI : We simplify people's busy lives
Nvidia I Am AI heard about our store and featured us in this amazing video of how AI builds our future.
IN-STORE CHECKOUT REVOLUTION: How payments companies can take advantage of new technologies like autonomous checkouts
In The In-Store Checkout Revolution, Business Insider Intelligence forecasts the expansion of autonomous checkout stores and their payment volume over the next five years and looks at the payment flows for the two types of autonomous checkout experiences. Key takeaways from the report: The number of stores with autonomous checkout is set to rise from 350 in 2018 to 10,000 by 2024, with their payment volume positioned to jump from under $70 million to over $20 billion — and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Adoption of the technology will be driven by the convenience it offers consumers, the savings and revenue it brings retailers, and the technology's eventual ability to scale.
AiFi celebrates the unprecedented numbers of women starting businesses
Our co-founder Ying Zheng is part of the Visa Everywhere Initiative
AiFi launches NanoStore
The world's only container sized, shippable autonomous store debuts at NRF
AiFi wins Visa Everywhere Initiative
AiFi named overall winner of Visa’s Everywhere Initiative in U.S. from amongst 900 submissions
Grab and Go: Startup AiFi Using Deep Learning to Make Every Store Smarter
Listen to this Nvidia AI Podcast featuring AiFi's co-founder and CEO Steve Gu on how to use AI to make every store smarter, to let customers saunter out of the door without so much as a wave at a checker. The benefits involve more than just convenience: stores will have a better idea of how their customers behave and get a real-time bead on their inventory. To do that, our latest guests and his team at startup AiFi rely on advanced sensor fusion, simulation, and deep learning.
AiFi wins Nvidia Inception Award
“You guys are solving such large problems,” said NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang
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