Simulating real world problems.

The SimStore.

Our proprietary simulator is built specifically for autonomous stores. It is the only system of its kind capable of simulating the complex and unpredictable world of retail. It enables us to train for the countless interactions and scenarios that might play out in a retail environment, ensuring our store deployments are equipped to handle every scenario the real world throws at it.

at scale.

Our proprietary simulator is capable of large scale semantic segmentation and scene understanding. This enables us to simulate and train our systems on store environments of any size, with SKUs ranging from a few to several thousand.


Products rarely stay in neat organized rows on shelves. They fall, get rearranged and often end up in places they shouldn't. Our simulator enables us to take this to the extreme, so even if your product is flying through the air, our system is trained to recognize exactly where it is.

Every angle.

Your store may require a handful of cameras or several hundred. Our virtual camera system ensures we have trained our platform to handle every view, angle and physical camera setup imaginable.


Our realistic virtual avatars enable us to simulate and train for all kinds of customer behavior. Our system can also simulate crowds of varying densities, ensuring you are fully covered during that big sale.

3D Digitization.

Through our rapid custom 3D digitization process we have built a library of thousand of SKUs. This allows us to train our system to recognize them from every single angle and orientation, even if partially obscured like when being held by a customer.

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